Royal British Legion


We pride ourselves in being one of the oldest Branches – if not THE oldest – of The Royal British Legion. The origins go back several years before the official establishment of the Legion itself and even before the end of the First World War.  On the evening of Friday 8 March 1918 a meeting was convened in the Old School Room, Curry Rivel, with ten old or discharged soldiers present, under the chairmanship of Major M Cely Trevilian.  During the meeting, the following resolution was proposed by Major Cely Trevilian and carried unanimously; “That we the discharged and demobilized sailors and soldiers present at this meeting, hereby formally establish a ‘Post of the Comrades of the Great War’.”  The first ‘Post Captain’ was Mr John Sligo and the first Secretary was Mr Henry Lang.  The young branch lost no time in getting started and, within ten days, the first Committee Meeting was held and the formation of a Club discussed.

The various ex-servicemen’s organizations that had come into being, among them the ‘Comrades of the Great War’, amalgamated in 1921 to form The British Legion and from then on the ‘Post’ was henceforth known as the Curry Rivel Branch of The British Legion, later in 1971 The Royal British Legion.  From the very beginning, Drayton came under the Curry Rivel Branch.  Fivehead started as a separate Branch, but in 1978 the membership had dwindled and it was therefore decided to amalgamate with Curry Rivel.  From then on we have been known as the ‘Curry Rivel, Drayton and Fivehead Branch of The Royal British Legion’.

The Royal British Legion Today

Today The Royal British Legion provides lifelong support to our Armed Forces community – serving men and women, veterans and their families.  Immediately after the two World Wars the emphasis was on the continuation of the good comradeship that was so evident during and after these devastating conflicts.  Today the emphasis lies more on welfare and fundraising.  But let us not forget that since the end of the Second World War in 1945, British Servicemen and women have been killed and wounded by enemy action every year except 1968 and 2015.  The Royal British Legion is at the heart of a national network that supports our Armed Forces community through thick and thin, ensuring their unique contribution is never forgotten.

The Curry Rivel, Drayton and Fivehead Branch

Nearly 100 years after its formation, the Curry Rivel, Drayton and Fivehead Branch of The Royal British Legion is thriving with around 120 members.  But we need new members, particularly those of any rank who have served at least seven days or more in the Armed Forces – Regular or Reserve, and those who are in sympathy with the objectives of The Legion. 


Membership costs £17 per annum together with an additional £1.50 to help defray the Branch’s administrative costs..  You can join here or email the Branch’s Membership Secretary, Gordon Balmer, at

There will be a Branch stand at St Andrew’s Church Fête, Curry Rivel, on Saturday 8 July 2017.  Come and say ‘Hello’!

Community Support.  Do you need help and advice?  Then we can point you in the right direction to obtain the support and assistance that you need. Please start the process by speaking to or emailing the Branch’s Community Support Secretary, Susan Willis, on 01458 250772 and at


The Branch has a new dynamic plan for enjoyable social events for members to raise money for the Royal British Legion.  Events this year in 2017 will be:

Friday 14 July 2017                         Summer Drinks           Burton Pynsent House

Sunday 12 November 2017            Remembrance Lunch       Curry Rivel Village Hall

The Annual General Meeting, previously held in November, will in future be held every May, because of the change to the end date (now 30 June) of the accounting year for The Royal British Legion.

Details of each event will be sent to members of the Branch at least one month beforehand and advertised in the village newsletter.  Tickets can be obtained from any member of the Branch’s Committee.

General Committee

Chairman                    Colonel (Retired) Tony Potter   

Treasurer                    Major (Retired) Rob Atkins       

Membership                Mr Gordon Balmer           

Community Support   Mrs Susan Willis                       

Poppy Coordinator      Mrs Evelyn Leckie                    

Member                      Mr Bob Willis                             

Member                      Mr Neil Coombes              

Member                      Mr James Smith