Do You Like Writing Letters?

Very important CALL OUT
Hey, we need your help please. Lots of elderly residents are missing visits from their family and loved ones and a letter would cheer them up. You could tell them about your pets, your hobbies, favourite weather, best day ever, your funniest joke – use your wonderful imagination and get your family to help you.
Can you please write a nice letter to someone who is living in:
Ashley House, The Avenue, Langport, TA10 9SA
Portcullis House, Embankment, Langport, TA1 9RZ
The residents would like to write back, if you would like to write a letter with your name – pm us – we can arrange to get the letters delivered to them, we can also get the replies from the residents and make sure you receive these. You only need to put your first name on them.

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