Drayton’s German Gun

Did you know that Drayton used to have a German Gun sited in the village?

ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO, In the Parish Council Minutes of April 1920 it is recorded that the offer of a gun for the village, which had been presented to Major Maurice Trevilian by Lord Bath was taken but the position of where to put it was not chosen.

In Apr 1921 A resolution was passed that the position of the gun would be in front of the Comrades Club, east of the door and that it be placed on a large flat stone and painted.

The Comrades Club was at Palfreys in East St. In photographs of the house, the front door has been in two different places. In Harry Stone’s photographs, it was in East St but in photographs taken in the early 1900’s, a door is visible in North St.

In the PC minutes of Apr 1922:  Mr Dabinett would consider mounting the gun.

In the PC minutes of April 1923: A proposal was made to make a collection in the Parish for the purpose of finishing the slope in front of War Memorial and painting & preserving the German Gun.

On the 14 February 1938: The Clerk was instructed to write to Mr Trevilian, asking his advice on selling the German Gun as it was becoming unsightly and dangerous.

The Parish Council Meeting on 22 March 1938:  A letter was read out from Mr R Trevilian saying he had no objection to the gun being removed and the chairman proposed that Mr Dabinett should get a buyer for it.

On the 18 June 1939: It was recorded that Mr Frederick Dabinett disposed of the German Gun for 10 shillings. Mr W Alford proposed that this money should be held for repair of the War Memorial.

Does anyone know anything more about the gun? Are there any photographs? Can anyone remembering hearing about it?

Palfrey’s with the door at the side, in North Street – 1956
Palfrey’s with the door to the front, in East Street – postcard from M. Childs

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2 thoughts on “Drayton’s German Gun”

  1. Mike Simpkins

    Hi Jacqui,

    Having recently discovered a blocked up doorway in the east gable end of Palfreys, next to our side garden, I suspect this was the location of the German gun. We have recently heard that the room off this door (now our lounge) was used by the Home Guard in WW2 and so was probably the same room used by the Comrades Club up to WW2.

    The gun itself was probably an artillery piece, which would have been quite large and heavy. Therefore it seems to me that the gun might have been placed in front of the door to the Comrades Club on the piece of land leading to our driveway gate, behind the wall and laurel hedge.

    Hope this might help.


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