If you are at home feeling poorly, unsure or are self isolating and you need some support or practical help, please do not feel that you are alone.

Drayton Support Group has been set up for volunteers to offer neighbourly help in shopping, collecting prescriptions, dog walking, or any other way we can be of reasonable assistance. There will be people who you can call on the telephone to ask questions or just have a chat. Drayton Support Group will evolve as we go along and welcome to hear other ways that we can support our community.

Attached to this note is a letter giving you the name and contact details of your co-ordinator. If you wish to be contacted for support, then let them know and they will arrange for someone to speak with you.

Bill Covington is the Chairman of this group and Jacqui Price is the Secretary. They can be contacted at any reasonable time if you cannot get hold of your own Street Co-ordinator. Bill’s phone number is 01458 251721, mobile: 07580075803 and Jacqui’s is 01458 253368, mobile: 07749822333.

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