Drayton Citz

Drayton Citz — Serving the Interests of Drayton and District.


Any person over 55 years young, residing in OR near the village of Drayton, Langport, Somerset. £6.00 subs per annum.


Our Monthly Meetings are full of interest, fun and a fine social event.


To stimulate and interest the ‘Grey-Power’ section of the Community (and the not-so-grey too) with engaging and informative Speakers and occasional visits / outings. To create an atmosphere for Community entertainment and enjoyment for the senior members of the district.

To host the Drayton Prize Flower & Produce Show each August.


Drayton Village Hall TA10 0LN.


The third Monday of each month at 2.30pm

December 1st Monday with grand Christmas Party.

August Flower / Produce Show at 6pm with Entries at 2:30pm

For more information contact John Highnam by phone on 01458 252398 or e-mail johnhighnam@gmail.com

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