Somerset River Authority Draft Strategy and Flood Action Plan 2023-2024

Dear Town and Parish Clerks and Chairs of Parish Meetings,

I’m writing as the Chair of Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) to let you know about the newly published SRA Draft Strategy and Flood Action Plan 2024-34.

To get people’s views about this draft strategy, we have set up a temporary website where people can answer questions, make comments, and pinpoint flood concerns on
a map.

It’s at and it’s live until 31 December 2023. To get straight to the map section of the site, go to SRA Flood Action Plan and scroll down.

Please can I ask you and all your councillors to take a look and take part? Your thoughts and local knowledge will help us to draw up plans for river catchments across
Somerset and reduce the risks and impacts of flooding across the county.

We would also appreciate any help you can give in spreading the word about the draft strategy and this feedback exercise.

I have attached a PDF of the Draft SRA Strategy and Flood Action Plan 2024-34 for anyone who would prefer to read it in that form, but please use the website to have your say on its contents.

Thank you for your help.

Yours faithfully,

Cllr Mike Stanton, Chair of Somerset Rivers Authority

Somerset Council Disclaimer:

Click on link below for the PDF.

DRAFT Strategy and Flood -Action-Plan_Nov 23 web

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