VETS – Village Emergency Telephone System



June 2021

Dear Drayton Resident,

You may have seen or heard over the weekend of the Danish football star Christian Erikson who collapsed after going into cardiac arrest whilst playing football – he is just 29 years of age. Quick thinking by his team mate, who immediately started CPR, is said to have kept him alive until emergency services took over.  He was fortunate to have help when he needed it.

Drayton Support Group, endorsed by the Parish Council, have teamed with the Community Heartbeat Trust to set up a village support scheme (VETS) to help in a cardiac emergency.

 WHAT IS VETS? – VETS (Village Emergency Telephone System) works through one telephone number. If you or someone you live with is having a medical emergency and AFTER DIALLING 999, you ring 01458 570571, it will go through to one of a group of about 10 volunteers living in the village who will do their best to fetch the defibrillator from the Village Hall for you. They will stay with you until Emergence Services arrive, which for Drayton could be 20 – 40 minutes.  This may save you vital minutes when time is critical.

The advice that you may get from the 999 operator is “do not leave the patient and commence CPR  immediately” – if the person shows no signs of life or when they are: unconscious. unresponsive. not breathing or not breathing normally.  By telephoning the VETS helpline, a volunteer will do their best to come and assist you with CPR as well. If you are on your own, call early in case your condition deteriorates.

 We will be delivering more information shortly, including a leaflet about CPR. If you would like to attend a training session on how to use the defibrillator once we are allowed to mix, then please let Jacqui Price know – 01458 253368

IMPORTANT:  The Drayton VETS volunteers are not medically trained but have attended a training session through the Community Heartbeat Trust.  They are not obligated to provide assistance but if available they will do their best as good neighbours.  If you are not put through to a volunteer it might be unfortunate that none are available at that moment.  In which case telephone a neighbour instead and ask them to fetch the defibrillator for you.

Drayton’s new defibrillator is kept on the wall outside the village hall.

 If you have any questions about Drayton VETS , then please contact either:

Bill Covington – 01458 251721.

Jacqui Price – 01458 253368.

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